How do I check and change my oil?

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When you pour fresh oil into the crankcase, it should be a golden or amber colour. Gradually, the heat, dirt particles and agitated air in the crankcase cause the oil to darken. Dark oil is not only dirty; it has also lost much of its ability to coat and protect engine components. Remove the dipstick from the filler neck and wipe clean, check for any dirt or debris suspended in the oil.  To ensure an accurate reading, reinsert the dipstick completely. If the dipstick cap is a screw-in type, ensure an accurate reading by screwing in all the way before removing it to check the level. The oil mark on the dipstick should be between the lines shown on the dipstick. It should never be above the MAX marking or below the MIN marking.

Draining the oil while it’s warm will carry off many floating particles that would otherwise settle in the engine. Remove the filler cap and tip the machine gently to drain into a suitable container. Use an old cloth to wipe any excess and prevent dirt or debris ingress.

Refill with SAE30 oil or a 5W30 or 10W30 automotive oil. Check your manual for the exact amount required.

Dispose of oil and soiled rags in accordance with local environmental regulations at your local recycling centre.